How to Create the Most Welcoming Guest Room

There’s something about having guests over that ignites the competitive spark within us all. Suddenly you want your house to be cleaned with utmost precision, all the good kitchenware makes its way out of the cabinets and you find yourself stressing over every cushion out of place. And the guest room? Well, that obviously has to be perfect. You want your guests feeling like they live in a hotel and here are some tips on how to do just that:


You’ll be amazed at how much a difference it makes when you air out your mattress and the bedding. Clean out the linen and add some fresh ones (always remember to keep a spare set of bed and bath linens in the cupboard in case the guests feel the need to change the sheets before they leave). Then make sure you’ve invested in some quality pillows, a comforter and extra sets of blankets. The pillowcases should be ironed of all their wrinkles to give a crisp effect to the room.


During the day the room has to be well lit but at night you need to completely filter out the light if you want your guests to have the kind of sleep they’d only be privileged with at a hotel.  Using Blinds City double roller blinds should do the trick to see to both your guests’ daytime and night-time requirements.

The Shelves

It’s the tiny details that count. Firstly, your guests shouldn’t have to stoop over every time they need an item of clothing out of the suitcase, so make sure you have a bench set up so that they can keep their belongings on it. Next, clear all your other shelves and decks of any personal items. When it comes to the guest room- less is MORE. So leave only a clock in the room if you must.

Side Station

Not all guests will like to just lie down on their bed all the time when idling in their room. Having a comfy seating arrangement here will really win you major bonus points. If you have an unused armchair around the house, move it to the guest room with a small table close by to complete the effect.


There are plenty of things you need to keep your guests up to date on. For example, how your security system works if you have one. Don’t forget to leave a note with the Wi-Fi password in their room because it does get rather tiresome for each member to come and ask you (especially if it’s a long password). You should also leave a list of emergency contacts.


It helps to stock up on snacks if you know you have guests coming over. Fruits and cookies are the safest bet and you can arrange them on a platter and set it up in the guest’s room before they arrive if you want them to have a nice surprise.

As you can see, the devil is in the details. Follow through with these steps and you’ll see a room fit for even a hotel guest!

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