Essential Lawn Care Tips for Australian Homes

Dreaming of a lush, verdant lawn to relax on weekends? Planting a lawn is easy, but keeping it healthy is another matter. Here are several essential lawn care tips for the Aussie climate:

Water Well, but Not All the Time

Watering your lawn is one of the most important maintenance tasks for a lush yard. Most homeowners know that they need to water the lawn. But they may end up overdoing it. It’s important to water your garden for quite a long period, but not frequently.

Watering methods also differ depending on the type of grass you have. Therefore, make sure you know the exact watering requirements for your lawn. Don’t water the grass all the time as too much would kill the lawn. Keep a schedule and stick to it.

Do Aerate

Experienced gardeners may already know this. You need to aerate the lawn at least once a year to ensure the grass grows lush and strong. Aeration is a specialized method where you perforate small holes in the ground. These holes make it easier for water, nutrients, and air to penetrate the turf and reach grass roots. It makes it easier for the grass to grow.

Making these holes in the ground can take time. It’s also important to do it right without disturbing the soil too much. If you are not sure on how to properly aerate your lawn, you can contact a local expert like Jim’s Mowing. Local professionals can perform all the tasks necessary to keep the lawn lush when you are not sure what to do.

Fertilise before the Rain

It’s best to use an organic manure-type fertiliser for the lawn. You need to fertilise once a month or every three months, depending on the grass type. Ideally, you should do it before the rainy season, as this is when grass really starts to grow.

Some types of foreign grass may have more fertiliser requirements than local varieties. A native Australian grass type doesn’t require as much maintenance. If you want a minimal care lawn, do use a native variety that’s naturally grows in the climate in your area.

Commit to a Weed Management System

The best way to keep weed off your lawn is to act early, and act quick. You need to pull the stray plants off before they multiply. Frequent weeding is a necessity for a good lawn, but most homeowners don’t have the time to do this on a regular basis. In that case, you should use a weedicide as a preventive measure.

It’s best if you don’t use a commercial weedicide with harsh chemicals that might affect the other flora and fauna in the garden. There are natural or organic weedicides you can consider. Some gardeners use vinegar and salt as a preventive measure. However, this should be done carefully not to affect the pH levels of the soil too much.

Last but not least, you need to mow the lawn regularly. It keeps the grass at a desirable length, and also reduces the risk of weeds and disease. Lawn care requires commitment. If you can spare the time, the end result would be a lawn you can be proud of for years to come.

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